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Inner city cat boarding, cared for and cherised by cat professionals.

About the Cat Pad

Let us love your cats during their stay with us.

The Cat Pad is the new boutique boarding facility operated by The Cat Clinic. Due to overwhelming demand for our previous boarding services, our new facility provides for a state-of-the art facility with luxury cat condo’s to accommodate many of our beloved Cat Clinic regulars.

The Cat Pad offers a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, plenty of natural light and dedicated loving and compassionate staff.  The staff are expertly trained and are happy to care for cats requiring medications (including diabetic cats).  Each condo provides individual living, sleeping and toileting quarters for your cat.  Adjoining condos can also be linked, should you have more than one cat staying with us.

We are proud to welcome you to inspect our facilities.

Our Cat Pad Team

All our staff are self confessed to be crazy about cats!  With genuine love and compassion, our staff are trained in all aspects of feline healthcare and take pride in catering to your cat’s every need, including cuddles and kisses as part of all cats stay with us.

You will be comforted to know that the team at the Cat Clinic, where feline veterinarians and nurses are just a stone’s throw away should your cat require any medical care during their stay with us. We share the Cat Clinic’s database and have access to your cat’s medical records and can keep thorough records of your cat’s health needs.

Jodie Chandler<br />
Cattery Manager</p>
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Jodie Chandler
Cattery Manager

Currently Studying Advanced Feline Behaviour

I have always had a connection with animals, when I was 5 our family dog (Betina) was about 14 years old and I wanted her to jump up on her kennel, despite warnings from my mum not to do that, Betina bit me on my top lip.I still have a tiny scar to this day, ever since then I have known I wanted to work with animals. I think what has drawn me to our feline friends is the mystery they hold. I love the sound of a purring cat. I just melt away

I love working at The Cat Pad & Cat Clinic – it is an awesome group of people and everyone is willing to help each other grow. We share the same passion for our feline friends, we are always learning new things about them and sharing our knowledge which is wonderful. My goal is to make our patients and boarding cats feel relaxed and safe. I like to earn their trust and make a potentially stressful situation a more pleasant experience for them.

Elexis is my little feline shadow, she is everything to me – I love falling asleep listening to her purring away. She is 10 years old in December ’18, I have had her since she was12 weeks old, She is a Domestic Short Hair. She loves to bake in the sun and sleep on my bed. She is fairly lively and keeps me on my toes.  In my spare time I love Dancing, going to see Musicals, Scrapbooking & Land-sailing. I also play World of Warcraft  and am a regular at  Supanova and Oz Comic Con.

 Cattery Attendant</p>
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Cattery Attendant

Elle Wylde Cattery Attendant</p>
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Elle Wylde Cattery Attendant

Certificate 2 in Animal Studies & Certificate 3 in Companion Animal Services

I’ve always felt a connection to animals – cats in particular. They are of course unbelievably stunning creatures and each one is a character in their own right, but it’s their energy and the completely unapologetic way in which they immerse themselves into our lives with both love & sass that I adore. They are –to be cliché- “home” to me.  To have a career or job within an industry that you’re incredibly passionate about is an absolute dream come true – I highly recommend it!

While I was studying my Cert 1 we were required to do a placement, and luckily The Cat Pad were more than happy to give me the opportunity. Upon approaching the end of my Cert 2 I found out they were hiring. There was no question in my mind that this was exactly where I needed and wanted to be. The Cat Doctor team is a family – and one I am both incredibly thankful and proud to be a part of. My goal is for every cat to be safe, loved and well cared for.

I currently have a one-year-old male tabby named Sir Thomas. I named him after the author of one of my favourite books “Utopia” by Sir Thomas More. I adopted him 6 months ago from a rescue and he has been keeping me on my toes ever since! He has been aptly nicknamed “Mr Meowgi” due to his not-so-subtle vocalisation when it’s breakfast/dinner time.

Tour & rates

one cat two cats, one suite requires medication requires insulin
Per night $48.50 $87.50 $54 $59.50
Public holiday surcharge $35.50 per day

Overnight boarding $62.50 single night stay

4 week+ discount – 5%


The Catpad stocks a range of diets, treat, toys and health supplies for your cat. We stock the same range as The Cat Clinic for your convenience and we can easily check your cat’s needs from their medical records.

Some of the brands we stock include:


We have provided the answers to some frequently asked questions regarding a boarding stay with us.  If you do not find the answer to your question here, please contact us using the form below, send us an email or call us.

Does my cat need to be vaccinated?

By Victorian State law, all cats entering a boarding facility require a current yearly vaccination. Please remember to bring proof of your cat’s vaccination record. This is a requirement not only for the health of your cat, but for all of the cats staying in the facility. The Cat Pad can arrange for the veterinarians at The Cat Clinic to give your cat a thorough health check-up and vaccination prior to admission if your cat is overdue for their vaccinations

How many condos are there at The Cat Pad and how large is each one?

The Cat Pad has 28 condos available. Each condo provides separate living, sleeping and toileting quarters for your cat.  Each condo is approximately 1m high, 1m wide and 1m deep. Larger and interconnected condos are provided for extended stays and multiple cats.

How many cats can stay in one condo?

Up to two cats can stay in our larger condos for short stays. For longer stays, we have interconnected cages for them to share. All cats are otherwise housed individually to ensure health and happiness for your cat.

Are there strict drop off and Pick up times?

Drop off and pickups are strictly within business hours.  We are sorry but No exceptions can be made due to council stipulation. We would appreciate it if you could provide us with accurate drop off and pick up times to ensure we have everything ready for you and your cat.

The Cat Pad opening times are 9am to 12.00pm and 3pm to 5.00pm Monday to Friday & 9am to 12.00pm on Saturday. Closed on Sundays and public holidays.

what food will my cat be fed or should I bring my own cat's food?

At The Cat Pad, we provide a large range of brands, including  Science Diet & Whiskas Advance. We also keep an extensive range of Prescription diets from Hills, Royal Canin, as well as Science diet and Advance.  We certainly know cats can be fussy, so please feel free to bring any favourite treat or specialised diets for your cat and staff will cater for your cat’s dietary compliance.

Does my cat require flea treatment?

All cats require current flea prevention prior to admission into boarding.  Should evidence of fleas be found on your cat, The Cat Pad will apply a rapid knock down flea control at your cost.

Can I bring my cat's own bed & toys?

Soft & comfy beds and toys are provided to all cats during their stay.  However, we welcome you to bring any of your cat’s bedding or toys with them to remind them of you and of home.

Can you provide me with updates during my cat's stay?

If you would like updates throughout your cat’s stay, please arrange this with our staff on admission, where we can email or SMS you regular updates.  Should we have any concerns regarding your cat’s health during their stay with us, we will contact you immediately via the details on record.

Is my cat allowed to wander around the cattery?

Due to council regulations, cats are not permitted to remain outside their condos . We do however make up for this with ample cuddles, play time and environmental enrichment. This suits many cats, as they feel safe and secure in their condo. This not only provides peace of mind, but also very high levels of hygiene and disease control.

Is there parking at The Cat Pad?

There is on street parking both on Malvern Road and Miller street. Please observe parking regulations including clearways, street sweepers and time restrictions. There is no off street parking provided for The Cat Pad, but clients are permitted to use the off street parking provided at The Cat Clinic for drop offs and pickups.


Located so conveniently in the heart of Prahran at 456 Malvern road, just around the corner from The Cat Clinic.

There is no off street parking available at The Cat Pad.

There is parking on Malvern road and around the corner in Miller street.

Request a booking or contact us

Ready to book or have some questions to ask before you make your booking? Please get in touch with us using either of the forms provided or call us.

Address 456 Malvern Rd, Prahran, 3181

Phone 03 9529 3412


Business hours

Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

3:00 PM  – 5.30 PM

Saturday 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Sunday & public holidays Closed

 Preferred drop off & Pick up times

9am to 11am and 3pm to 5pm

ABN: 85 185 634 608

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